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Even if you find a new online casino, you may think that it’s a little bit to play right away. First of all, I would like to try out the game to see what kind of game it has.
Did you know that many online casinos have a mode called demo play (free play mode) that you can play for free? You can try casino games without spending money, so if you find a new online casino, start playing for free.

1 Free-to-play games that can be played at many online casinos

Many online casinos have features (demo mode, demo play) that allow you to play slots and more for free. With this free play feature, it is very convenient to know the usability of the games and sites handled by the casino that you care about without actually betting money.

?️ Can I play for free without registering?

In fact, online casinos that have a demo mode that you can play for free may be able to play after registering in advance, or you may be able to play just by accessing the site without registering.

There are many casinos where you can play for free without registration, but if you need to register at a new online casino that you are interested in, it is free so let’s register only once. If you register, you can check the details of the site more, and there are many types of games that you can play for free.

Also, not all online casinos have a free play mode. There may be a limited number of games that can be played for free. In such a case, check if there is a free bonus (no deposit required bonus) that you can get at the time of registration. If you have an online casino with a deposit-free bonus, you can actually enjoy the casino game without depositing, and the winning prize will be reflected in the bonus money balance, so the fun will be doubled.
Register and receive a no deposit bonus.

2 Let’s play popular casino games for free!

Many casino games that are popular with Japanese people can be played for free. For example, in the case of slots, you can check what kind of reel configuration you have, whether you like graphics and sound, etc. without spending money. Also, you can try not only slots but also table games for free.

In many cases, table games can use strategies and winning methods, which is different from slots.
Let’s take a look at popular games that you can play for free.

GAME 1 Play the popular slot game for free!

There are different genres of slots. An old-fashioned classic slot with a simple reel configuration and a jackpot where you can aim for a lot of money. And the most popular is the video slot, which has powerful graphics and sound. There are many super hot slots that you will definitely be addicted to once you play, such as character ones that Japanese people like and pachislot-style slots.

Among the new online casinos, if it is a casino for Japanese people, there are slots that Japanese players especially like.

A very popular model that is known to be eye-catching for beautiful girls in cute sailor suits that Japanese people have seen. It is a so-called falling object slot, and has a reputation for explosive power.
Play'n GO
A typical pachislot with the image of a tropical country. When a big hit comes out, a pretty flashy production starts, and it is exactly the specification that is irresistible for pachislot lovers. The key is to activate Rush if you are aiming for a big victory.
Oryx Gaming
A popular slot with the theme of Roman mythological gods from the world-famous provider PLAYTECH. It has a good reputation for playability, and four types of jackpots are available.
A colorful and bright slot with themes such as delicious fruits and candy. It features a large number of reels and is full of bonus functions such as multipliers and free spins.
Pragmatic Play

GAME 2 It’s easy even for beginners! Play baccarat!

Baccarat, which represents table games, is called the “King of Casinos”, and although the rules are very simple, it is a game that is steadfastly popular and loved not only by beginners but also by veteran players around the world. Instead of playing against the dealer, you bet on whether the fictitious “bunker” or “player” on the table will win. You can also bet on a draw (Thailand), in which case you will get an 8x payout. Although the game has a strong luck factor, it is sometimes effective to take measures such as predicting the winning pattern by reading the table (ruled line) that records the game results, and it is actually a deep card game.

In normal baccarat, if you bet on a bunker and the bunker wins, you will get a commission (commission) of 5%, but no commission baccarat does not charge a fee. It is a popular baccarat that you can get the same payout as if you bet on the player.
Since the minimum bet amount is set lower than normal baccarat, it is a baccarat for those who want to play with a small amount or who want to bet more times.

GAME 3 It’s fun to formulate a strategy! black Jack

Blackjack is one of the most rewarding casino games in online casinos, and you win if you are closer to 21 than the total number of cards in the dealer (computer is your opponent in the case of table games). You have to make the number as close to 21 as possible, but if you exceed 21, you will be disqualified, so it is recommended that you can enjoy the feeling of excitement that you need to bargain, such as whether to receive additional cards you have or stop receiving them anymore. It’s a table game. Experience is also important because there are many strategies that can be effective in winning.

Of the first two cards dealt, only the dealer will deal one face down. The thrill of deciding whether to get or quit an additional card by looking only at the dealer's front card is irresistible!
This is a rule that only one face-up card can be dealt to the dealer. The player completes his hand before the dealer is dealt a second card.

GAME 4 Queen of the casino! The classic roulette is fun!

Roulette is said to be one of the oldest casino games.

The basic rule is to anticipate and bet on the numbers in the wheel that the ball will enter. There are various types of betting methods, such as betting on multiple areas, and there are also some strategies called winning methods. Above all, the moment when the ball enters or does not enter is the most thrilling and exciting time, and it seems that many players are dying for this feeling of excitement.

It is a roulette of all 38 numbers by adding the numbers 0 and 00 to the numbers from 1 to 36. Unlike European roulette, the numbers on the wheel are arranged differently, so it can be said that it is a roulette for advanced users.
It is a roulette composed of 37 numbers, which is one less than the American roulette. Therefore, it has a higher win rate than American roulette and is easy to play even for beginners. This is the mainstream at online casinos.

Other table games with free play

In addition to the above, you can try table games such as poker, sic bo, and dragon tiger in free mode at the online casino.

There are many types of poker, such as Texas Hold’em and Russian poker, and there are many new online casinos that you can play for free. You can learn the rules before playing with real money betting, and you can immediately put it to practical use.

Because of the variety of games and payment options, playing on Dora Majong can be a fun experience. The house, on the other hand, provides excellent customer service. They also need to broaden their focus, which looks to be entirely on the Asian market at the moment.

3 If you want to play paid games, take advantage of the free bonuses!

As introduced above, there are many games that can be played in free mode, but some casino games do not have free mode. A typical example is a live dealer casino game where you can enjoy baccarat and blackjack through a real dealer and a camera. Certainly, it seems difficult for real dealers to deal with players who play in free mode.

But first of all, you may want to know the atmosphere of a live casino without spending money. Especially when playing at the new online casino.

In such a case, you can use the bonus (no deposit required bonus) that you can get for free. Not all online casinos, but some casinos offer bonus money when you register, which allows you to play free games such as live casino games without spending your own money. It is possible to play no games.

Depending on the online casino, the bonus money you get first may not be available for live casinos, so please check each casino site.

? Let’s play with a free bonus! Live casino games

Live casino is a game where you can play casino games together by streaming with a real dealer using a webcam, and it is also called a live dealer casino game or just a live game.

The dealer will actually roll the dice and hand out the cards through the camera, so you can really feel like you are in a store-type casino. In addition, you can use the chat feature to talk to the dealer and, in some casinos, to communicate with other players sitting at the same table. Also, finding a dealer of your choice is one of the pleasures other than games.

New online casino
It is a very popular casino game that it is said that 70% of people who use online casinos play live casinos. If you get a free bonus such as a deposit-free bonus, let’s play.

4 Which online casinos can get a no deposit bonus?


Vera John Casino

Needless to say, the number one online casino popular with Japanese people. There are many games, and you can enjoy it from beginners to veterans. There are many payment methods and the deposit and withdrawal speed is fast!

? 【To receive a no deposit bonus?】
Contact Japanese Customer Support after registering for an account


A proven and reliable online casino with a history of over 20 years. Loyalty programs and tournaments are also substantial.

?【To receive a no deposit bonus?】
You can get it automatically just by registering an account


An online casino for Japanese people with lots of offers such as welcome packs and daily promotions. Don’t miss the luxurious VIP lounge benefits!

?【To receive a no deposit bonus?】
Press the verification button in the email settings and enter the verification code sent to the email in the email verification code field in the cashier settings.

Eldore Casino

After the renewal in 2020, the service has been enhanced. The number of games and providers of live casinos is the highest in the industry.

?【To receive a no deposit bonus?】
Enter “[BONUS CODE]” in the promotion code entry field of the registration form at the time of registration

Cherry Casino

An online casino that is extremely popular overseas as a long-established casino. You can play with peace of mind with customer support from Japanese staff.

?【To receive a no deposit bonus?】
After registering, let us know by live chat that you want a no deposit bonus
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[CASINO NAME]In partnership with each online casino, we are offering special benefits exclusive to this sit!

In addition to special benefits such as bonuses and gift certificates that can only be obtained on this site, we also hold limited-time campaigns, so if you want to play at an online casino, please check this site.!

Most popular sites to gamble in Japan
$30 free no deposit bonus money, register and talk to the support, who will credit the bonus. Use your real phone number. Receive up to $900 First Deposit Bonus with Welcome Package Bonus! Special offer for those who have not yet made a deposit at Hachislot yet!
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