Pachislot / Okislot

Largely unknown to those outside japan, a favourite pastime and part of the Japanese culture. Okislot is simple fun and indefinite for any would-be traveller. This short video will go into detail on how to enjoy Okislots and give you a hand in mastering the art of Oki-slotting.

Hello my name is tom I’ve been living here in japan for over five years. I first got into pachislot and okislot when i arrived and I’ve been hooked ever since. There are so many ways to enjoy
Okislot, I’ll take you through a few of them to help you get the most out of your Okislot experience. Parlors have rules and regulations you must follow:

    • You must not play two machines at once.
    • You cannot consume alcohol while inside a parlour
    • To ensure everyone has an enjoyable slot experience please abide by the local parlour rules

Okistot a simple and fun type of Pachislot. The basic game flow consists of getting bonuses to increase your coin stash. A bonus is one when you hit the lever and the hibiscus is light up. Each time you hit the lever, a bonus could be won. Apart from bonuses, you have a chance of getting a small pay-out each game as well.

Occasional machines tend to have a cherry on the first reel and unless you aim for it you won’t get the small pay-out. Check the pamphlet of the machine you’re playing to find the exact location. Apart from the cherry there are melons on each reel but just because you aim for the cherry or melon doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the pair. Each payout, small or big, has odds. For example you will get a replay roughly once every 7 spins and a cherry once in every 50 spins.

Despite mentioning prior that you can get the cherry small payout by aiming, for every game i think it’s important to understand the main source of coins will be from bonuses. Thq quicker you spin the reels the more games you’ll get per minute, which in theory increases the amount of bonuses you can get per hour, so feel free to spin the reels at random until you get a bonus.

At a glance it may look that the hibiscus is just lighting up but there are many different patterns to look for some of these unique patterns, actually letting you know you’ve got a big bonus.


Slot machines have settings from one to six, six being the easiest to win and one being the hardest to win. There is no way of knowing the setting of a machine but the better the bonus odds,
the better the chance of the machine being on a higher setting. You can check the odds of the day and the previous days on the data counter located above the machine. For example a machine with 1000 spins and 10 bonuses has a much better chance of being on a higher setting than a machine with 2000 spins and 10 bonuses.

In many cases there are different coloured sevens on each reel. There’s no difference in the amount of coins you’ll get from the bonus but the music played during the bonus will be different
based on how many spins it took to get the bonus, among with other things may also affect the music played. Try alternating between different colours to keep it fresh or if you find a tune that you like, just choose the same colour every time. Apart from different music, Okislot machines may also have special patterns this for example is a reverse spin freeze. If you’re lucky you might get to see such a pattern.

Last I’d like to say Okislot is all about having fun. Play the way you like. Aim for the cherries or not, depending on what you prefer. Always choose the red sevens or choose the white sevens, it’s up to you. You can play if you’re in Japan on a short trip or a long trip, whether you have 10 minutes or a whole day.

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