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Online Slots

How to Win Playing Online Slots

Slot machines are among the most popular games in online casinos lobbies. Some players play slots for entertainment purposes, some play to make money, or both. As such, the strategies applied often differ from one player to another, based on the intention of playing.

To play for money, a player needs to deposit real money and wager it at the casino. Playing slots, however, comes with some risks considering that it is a game of chances. However, there is also a way that players can still make money without wagering their deposits. That involves using the deposit bonus.

As much as bonus play is concerned, slots players can embrace a wide range of strategies. Real money players also need to embrace some tried and proven strategies to improve their chances of winning at slots.

This guide will cover some of the best strategies for winning real money by playing slots using the deposit bonuses. The strategies discussed below are not like the regular ones found all over the internet, which are intended to popularize the game as opposed to helping a player win. These strategies are informed by mathematical principles. Moreover, the logic behind them is relatively simple. This guide will explain how these proven slots strategies work in detail.

Beating the Casino

When playing any game in an online casino to win money, the only thing a player tries to do is to beat the casino. Beating the casino is a desire that has is engraved among slots players, inspired by the pop-culture. For instance, top movies from Hollywood and Bollywood, such as James Bond and 21, which feature casinos, all give players the ideas and dreams of beating the casino.

For this guide, however, there will be no strategies that involve illegal actions. The idea is only to play the aggressive deposit bonuses that online casinos offer against them and make some good money from it.

It is important to note that the volatility of games does affect the results enormously. There are chances of having bad runs even when the right strategies are used and applied correctly. The chances of that happening are only lower compared to those when a player does not use any strategy. That means that a player should only gamble with money that he is willing to lose so that he does not put his finances at risk.

The Deposit Bonus Strategy

The deposit bonus strategy is easy to use and quite useful. However, the majority of online casinos do not encourage it and may even go to the extent of freezing the player’s winnings if they notice it. However, some casinos do not prohibit it based on the terms and conditions they set on their bonuses. For such casinos, the players to make use of the strategy safely.

How It Works

You will need a couple of things for this strategy to work. For starters, the player needs to use an online casino that offers a welcome bonus of 100% or more. The higher the bonus is, the better it will be for the player. The next thing should be to consider the wagering requirement. It should not exceed 50 times as anything above that may not worth the time of the player.

Expected Value

The expected value is used to determine the value of a bonus. The formula for expected value helps a player to determine whether the bonus will give him an edge against the casino. A player needs to know that it is not the game played or strategy used that determines the edge a player has against the casino. It is the deposit bonus that determines that edge. How a player plays, however, does influence the outcome significantly.

The Expected Value of a Deposit Bonus – With Example

There are three variables required to enable a player to calculate the expected value of a bonus, which are the deposit bonus amount, wagering requirement, and the house edge. The formula used to calculate the expected value is:

EV = (bonus money + money deposit) – (house edge x wagering requirement)

For an easier understanding of the formula, the following example will be used.

For instance, some casinos offer a 100% deposit bonus for a maximum of $10,000. The wagering requirement is 35 times the bonus amount. Players playing at online casino games often have an average winning rate of 96%, which means the house edge is 4%.

To make the most of this bonus amount, a player should deposit $10,000. That will give a balance of $20,000 when you add the deposit amount to the 100% bonus awarded. The bonus will have to be wagered through 30 to give 350,000. The formula for the expected value for this example will then be:

EV = (10,000 + 10,000) – (350,000 x 4) = 6,000

That means that a player would earn an average of about $ 6,000 for a 100% deposit bonus when the deposit amount matches the 100% bonus maximum.

As important as the expected value formula is, it misses an essential aspect, which is volatility. Volatility is one of the main ingredients that allow a player to win short-term. When a player has the edge over the casino, the volatility will most likely not be in his favor. That will make the player lose in the short term, but there are still good chances of winning long-term. However, volatility can be balanced in some ways.

How to Play Slots Using Deposit Bonus

As mentioned earlier, how a player chooses to place bets on a game of slots do affect the game results. A player can decide how volatile the strategy should be and hence influence the possible outcome. The three strategies that are going to be highlighted in this guide are named Slow and Steady, Sophisticated, and Ruthless. Ruthless is the most volatile strategy of the three.

All three strategies have the same premise and make use of the following factors:

  • Which slot machines are played
  • The volatility of the game/li>
  • The size of the bet and patterns of the bet/li>

The Slow and Steady Strategy

The slow and steady betting strategy consumes the most amount of time but has the lowest volatility as well. The chances of a player cashing out when using this strategy are high almost every time.

The slot machines

For this strategy, the player should opt for slot machines that offer the highest RTP. Examples include Mega Joker, Nemos Voyage, and Ooh Aah Dracula, which all have 99%. Finding games with such high RTP is not quite easy, as many online casinos do not offer them anymore. When a player does find the games, he should make sure to read the terms and conditions before depositing his money. The casino may also lower the percentage that such slot games contribute to the wagering requirements.


The volatility of this strategy should be as low as possible. However, it can still work for some video slots that have medium volatility, but the swing for such will have to be bigger.

Betting pattern

The betting pattern for this strategy is quite simple. The player only needs to play the minimum stake as many times as it takes to reach the wagering requirement. Having to play so many times may take quite a lot of time, which is why the strategy is referred to as Slow and Steady. It is possible to increase the bet, but that will make the swings bigger as volatility also increases.

The Sophisticated Betting Strategy

Well, contrary to the name, this strategy is not very sophisticated. It is a bit complicated when compared to the other strategies, but not difficult to understand and use. Regarding volatility, it is a bit more volatile compared to the Slow and Steady strategy. On average, a player is likely to lose in about 75% of the casinos that he plays at. However, the few wins will be big enough to cover all the losses.

The sophisticated betting strategy has two parts. The first part is on how a player should deal with the starting balance while the second one is on when a player wins big.

Part One: Playing with the Starting Balance

The slot machines

For this strategy, the RTP does not really matter. Some games that work well with it include Warlords, Twin Spin, Dead or Alive, Secrets of Atlantis, Bonanza, and Pink Elephants.

The volatility

The player only needs to remember that higher volatility of the game leads to bigger swings

Bet Pattern/Bet Size

The decision of the size of bet to place should be based on the starting balance. For example, 300-500 per spin would be recommended for a total balance of 40,000. For a total of 10,000, 100 – 200 would be recommended per spin.

Once a player picks a bet size, he should maintain it until he wins big or loses everything.

It is important to note that some online casinos do forbid players from playing some games using the bonus money. For the ones that do allow, they may not contribute to the wagering requirements. Another common practice is for the casinos to disallow bets of over 500. A player should thus read the terms and conditions when choosing the online casino.

Part Two: After Winning Big

Part two should only be started after a player has won at least three times the initial amount of bonus or more.

Slot machine

A player should now change to a machine that has very low volatility, or very high RTP. One that has both should be the most preferred. Some examples include Aloha, Scrooge, Blood Suckers, and Well of Wonders.

Bet size/Bet Pattern

Normally, changing the bet level to a minimum stake would be a great idea. However, the bonus terms and conditions for most casinos nowadays does not allow players to change the bet size to a lower stake after winning big. Breaching the conditions may result in the player losing his winnings. The player should thus maintain the same bet size as before.

After about 100 spins, the bet size can be reduced by about 50% to 70% until the wagering requirements are met. It is okay to continue with the same bet size through the wager requirements, but volatility will be more, which makes the swings bigger.

The Ruthless Slot Betting Strategy

This strategy is best suited for players who value fun when playing slots. It allows the players to try out new entertainment and casinos while still improving their chances of winning some money. The strategy is also fairly easy.

Slot machines

For this strategy, a player can pick any game that he prefers. The one that is the most fun to the player should probably be the best choice.


Preferably, the volatility should range from medium to high.

Bet size/bet pattern

The bet size and betting procedure are quite similar to that employed to that for the Sophisticated Strategy. The difference is only that the betting size should not be changed until the player loses all the money or cashes out. If the bet size is to be changed, it should be done after winning big.

The Ruthless Strategy is the most volatile of all the three strategies, but the player gets to win in the long run. The swings are quite big, and the player may lose significant amounts of money, but the wins will recover the loses. Quitting after some lose or changing strategies in between may not be a good idea unless the player evens out the wins and losses. A lot of patience and a big bankroll are also required.

The Bottom Line

As stated earlier, these strategies are only designed to help players win money by playing the bonus awarded but do not guarantee a player of cashing out. Players should wager what they afford to lose. Moreover, players should also keep in mind that the terms and conditions of online casinos vary. Going through the bonus terms and conditions before signing up or making the first deposit should help the players make informed decisions.

Online Slots Tips – Helping Punters Win Big at Slots

Winning at slots is a matter of luck. But some proven strategies could enhance their chances of winning. This article outlines some of these strategies.