T&C and Privacy Policy

T&C and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

GamblingGuide.asia (which will be referred to as “the site”) operates as a website that offers independent news and information specifically for casinos. The site’s primary focus is on the Indian casino market. The information provided on the site is solely meant for entertainment purposes. It hence should in no way be construed by the user as being correct and legally binding.

Each user agrees to indemnify the site of any legal claim arising from inaccurate information hosted on the site. Each user visiting the site further agrees to absolve the site of any wrongdoing arising from illegal activities being committed due to the use of content from the site.

Trademarks made available on the site remain the sole property of the respective owners. GamblingGuide.asia reserves the right to not have their content published, hosted, or otherwise used without their express knowledge. If you require more information or clarity about the terms and conditions, please contact us via the Contact Page.

Privacy Policy

The site takes matters of privacy very seriously. The site will in no way share users’ personal information with third parties. The site further states that it will not collect and/or store private information that is not deemed necessary.

Cookies are used by the site to enhance the user experience. These cookies save tiny files on the user’s device when they visit the site. The files contain items such as user preferences that allow browsers to load pages and preferences faster. Acceptance of these cookies is voluntary. This is always stated to new users when logging in for the first time or logging in using a different device. The user can opt to either accept or decline the use of cookies on the page. For more information about cookies and their purposes, feel free to contact the site via the Contact Page.