Beginner’s Guide to Roulette Online

The roulette wheel is iconic – it’s unlikely that anyone hasn’t seen one, at least on screen or in a picture. It is a large wheel with a series of colored numbers (usually black and red) from 1-36 around the side with equal sized pockets beneath each one. Zero and double-zero are also represented, usually in green, as these are the “house numbers.” A small ball (the perfect size to find into a single pocket) is spun by the Croupier and players bet on the outcome of the spin.

How to Play Roulette Online – The Basics

An online roulette table is laid out in a similar fashion to a real-life table, in that you will have the wheel, and a grid on the table itself, which gives you the option to bet on particular outcomes. For example, you can bet that a spin will land on an odd/even space, a red/black space, somewhere within the first/second/third set of twelve or 1-18/19-36. You can also bet on specific numbers.

You are given a pile unique colored chips so that you can identify which bets are yours. You will be able to see the maximum and minimum bets allowed per round, and how much is the maximum you can expect to receive on one bet.

If you choose an Inside Bet, you will win a higher payout, (as the chances of getting it right are more unlikely), than if you went for something broader, known as an Outside Bet.

To place a bet, you simply pile your chips, however, many you would like to wager, on the appropriate square, or squares. You can only do this until the Croupier calls out “no more bets,” which is when the wheel is dropped onto the spinning wheel. If you lose the bet, your chips will be seized by the Croupier, however, if you win, your winning chips will be added to your original bet. You can choose to “let it ride,” by keeping your chips in the same place, or you can change your bet for the next round, as long as you do this before “no more bets” is called.

Words/Phrases You May Hear Playing Roulette Online

Inside Bet – The Inside bets are those that show individual numbers. If you get these bets right, you are looking at a high payout! Single number bets pay out 35-1, so for a £10 bet, you can win £360 back, which is pretty impressive!
Outside Bet – Outside bets are more board, such as betting on groups of numbers, the color of a number or whether it is odd or even. These will have a smaller payout, but you are more likely to win.
Croupier – A French word, the Croupier, is the person in charge of the table, who spins the wheel and pays out (and revokes!) the chips.
Split Bet – This is where you put your chip on the adjoining line between two numbers, which tells the Croupier that you are betting between the two. These pay out 17-1.
Street Bet – To bet across three numbers, which must be in a row, you place your chips on the line at the bottom of the “street” you are betting on. For this, you can get an 11-1 payout.
Double Street Bet – As the name suggestions, the Double Street is where you bet on two “streets” nu putting your chips on the intersecting corner of the two rows. This pays out 5-1.
Corner Bet – This bet is for four adjacent numbers and can be placed by putting the chip on the cross section where the four connect. This payout is 8-1.
Red or Black – This is an Outside Bet, and you can simply choose between red or black. The bet pays out 1-1 although it’s important to remember that there are also two green numbers.
Odd or Even – Self explanatory, this is whether a number will be odd or even, of course, and the odds are again 1-1. There is no correlation between odds and evens and red and black, so they are entirely different bets.
Through 18/19 – Another outside bet if you’re wanting to play it safe. This is whether it will be in the lower half of the 36 or the higher half. Again, a 1-1 payout if you are correct.
Dozens – Similar to the above but in groups of twelve, so these pay out 2-1.
Columns – This is where you bet on one of the three long columns, and the odds are 2-1.

Quick Strategy for Roulette Online

There are a lot of different strategies for winning on a roulette wheel, so it’s best to see what works best for you. For example, in the Martingale strategy, after any loss, you double your bets on a 50/50 chance bet to recoup your losses (with a small profit growing too). This works best on a table with a low minimum bet but a large maximum bet. The reverse of this strategy, known as the Reverse Martingale strategy is where you increase your bets when you’re winning to capitalize on a winning streak. You could utilize the Fibonacci strategy, as this ensures that even if you lose more games than you win, you can come out with a profit. That said, the further along you go, the more money you lose.

Make sure you read up on various strategies, or just come up with your own and play with sheer luck!


Roulette is a great game for beginners and pros alike as it relies on luck and chance a lot and the rules are very easy to understand. Although the concept is simple, there is certainly an element of excitement and adrenaline when you’re waiting to see where the ball lands!